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CIGA Design Z Series Mechanical Watch (DLC)

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Product Features:

  • CIGA mechanical watch · Z series
  • New DLC black Technology
  • Openwork mechanical Aesthetics
  • International Design Award
  • Standard two kinds of watch strap
  • International Design Award
  • DLC type carbon coating for drilling
  • Double cut out design
  • 2020GDA
  • German Federal State Design Award


Product Descriptions:

  • Product Name: CIGA Design Z Series Mechanical Watch (DLC) 
  • Header size: 40.8mm * 48.0mm (excluding the crown)
  • Watch length: 250mm (including strap)
  • Watch thickness: 12.3mm
  • Case material: 316L fine steel, black DLC coating
  • Surface mirror material: artificial sapphire glass
  • Band width: 22mm
  • Strap material: silicone strap (black bamboo grain leather strap is also provided)
  • Movement: seagull customized automatic mechanical movement st2553jk
  • Power reserve: 40 hours
  • Product net weight: 90g (with silicon tape) / (84g (with belt)
  • Waterproof grade: 3ATM

*Please use the product according to the product instructions!