Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Sleep Headband

$34.99 $70.99
Color: Gray


Traditional earphones are generally not comfortable to wear all night - and can cause serious damage to your ears.
Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Sleep Headband are designed as a simple solution  are designed as a solution for the most comfortable audio experience. It is made of high quality, sweat-absorbent fabric that helps you achieved your desired comfort while not sacrificing sound quality.
With ultra-thin, high-quality removable speakers protected inside a comfortable and washable headband. Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Sleep Headband assists with:
- Going to sleep someone snoring.
- For people suffering in various degrees from anxiety.
- For listening to music in bed.
- For listening to music while travelling or commuting.
- While working out.
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Why use Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Sleep Headband?
  • Easily pairs with Bluetooth compatible devices
  • Wireless range: 15-30 feet (5-10 meters) for easy connectivity.
  • Rechargeable battery life: Up to 10 hours
  • Charging Time: 3 hours
  • USB Charger included with purchase
  • Built-in volume with play/pause controls
  • Superior sound quality with Eco-friendly, lead free electronics
  • Removable speakers with machine washable fabric headband