Tik Tops

Ice Magic Artifact Food Grade Stainless Steel Frozen Ice 2003252


Product Introduction

✅Tiktok Ice magic artifact

✅Not ice , better than ice

✅Quick freezing effect

Two minutes of rapid cooling only requires four ice cubes

✅304 stainless steel ice.Different frozen experience.Recycle use

✅No dilute. No dissolve.Ice force persistence

Product Usage

1.Stainless steel ice does not have refrigeration function by itself, only turning the air conditioner in the refrigerator.Move to the drink.

2 because it is filled with coolant, the freezing point is about - 50 ℃, so its ice storage capacity.It's about twice the volume of ice made from ordinary water.

3.The effect in actual use is related to many factors such as your ambient temperature, how many drinks you drink, and the amount of ice you add. If you fail to achieve the desired freezing effect, you can have two or more frozen drinks. The requirements of each frozen drink are different, so it depends on your personal situation.

4.The right way to use it is to wash the ice and put it into the freezer of the refrigerator. The lower the temperature is, the better. It can be used after about 2-3 hours. After use, rinse it and put it back into the refrigerator for the next use.