Galaxy Star Projector™

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Bring the Beauty of the Cosmos into Your Own Home… And Light Up Your Mood Like a Star!

Whether you’re a man, a woman, or a child, it doesn’t matter: The twinkling lights shining in the night sky transfix us all.

Have you ever wondered at the beauty of the universe, with your nose up in the air? We sure did.

There’s something about the bright light of the stars and the moon that intrigues us. They are so far away, yet they shine so vividly. How do they do that?

If you have ever been to a place where the sky can be seen so clearly, then kudos to you. You need to know you are among the few people who have had the chance to see the sky as it really is. In fact…

With the increased usage of artificial lights, the night sky always looks so dim when living in a town.

You have heard about the beauty of the sky; you have seen pretty pictures all over the internet and on astronomy books. And then? You opened your window to seek the view of such beauty... just to see a dull sky looking back at you from the top of the buildings in front of your house.

So is there an effective solution to bring the wonders of the Universe directly to your house… without having to stick to pictures and books?

Spectra Light in living room
    Why not have the stars always looking at you from above, right into your home? Let your house light up with the wonders of the universe and see it come to life: Our Galaxy Star Projector will cast mesmerizing images right onto your walls and ceiling!


    • Relax yourself and Ease all the Stress You Have Built up.
      Who said Galaxy Projectors are just for putting children to sleep? If you had a rough day, and all you want is to relieve the tension in your muscles, then trust us: There’s nothing like a beautiful view to make any worry melt like snow under the sun.
      Our Galaxy Star Projector will entertain yourself visually and psychologically: In front of our cosmos’ wonders, your worries will seem meaningless.
    • Boost Your Romantic Dinner.
      Have fun with our Galaxy Star Projector and set up an incredibly mesmerizing date that will leave an everlasting impression. Light up a candle and serve dinner while the stars and nebula clouds watch over you to provide the perfect romantic atmosphere! No need to spend the night out at the local restaurant: You can now set up beauty in its most natural, breathtaking form with our Projector!
    • Become the Light Of the Party… Literally.
      Looking for a way to make your in-house party feel unique and exclusive? All you’ll have to do is turn on your Galaxy Star Projector and choose between the dynamic rotation and its flicker function to spice things up! Connect it with your phone or plug a USB flash disk to set the mood with music, and let your walls and ceiling enliven the party!
    • Make Your Kid’s Storytime Magical.
      Prepare your kid for bed in the most magical way there is: Read him is goodnight stories while he can look up at a mesmerizing sea of stars and nebulas to drown in.

    Turn The Ordinary Into Extraordinary: Shop Our Galaxy Star Projector right now!