Push-Up Jeans

Color: Blue

👖Look gorgeous with an instant butt lifting effect!🍑

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can cost you so much time and money. Instead of purchasing an uncomfortable pair, choose our Body Contouring Jeans that are perfectly made for your body!

Body contouring technology

  • Butt lifting and shaping effect 🍑 that makes your booty look full and curvy
  • Mid-waisted design that helps tuck tummy in for a more contoured fit👖
  • Form-fitting skinny jeans😎 that creates a gorgeous form to complement your body

Perfect for any body type

  • Stretchy and flexible so you won’t have to worry about it being too tight 😎
  • Appropriate ankle-length 👖 which is perfect to make you look taller
  • Offers a very flattering fit that’s great to wear with any casual outfit 🍑

High quality fabric

  • Super soft and comfortable to wear on a daily basis 😎
  • Durable and will last you a long time 👖
  • Made from premium spandex, polyester, and cotton 🍑 materials