NiceArm™ Wrist and Forearm Developer

$44.99 $79.99

The NiceArm™ Wrist and Forearm Developer offers an easy way to strengthen and develop your forearm, wrist, and fingers. Enhance your grip strength and your build flexor and extensor muscles by simply rocking your wrist back and forth. This fits comfortably over your forearm and boasts an adjustable grip to accommodate a variety of hand and arm size, making it a perfect piece of workout equipment for home use.



  • Increases your confidence with a nice arm
  • Strengthen and develop your forearms, wrists, and fingers
  • Increases your grip strength
  • Adjustable to your arm's length
  • Adjustable power level as you progress
  • Durable - made of Heavy-duty material
  • Both men and women can use it
  • Portable