Tik Tops

Kungfu Long TWS X10 Bluetooth Earphone

Color: Black
X10 Bluetooth Headset
1. Separated wireless binaural stereo, left and right auditory canal separation, HIFI sound effect. The left and right ears can be used separately (monophonic channel) or in pairs (stereophonic).
2. Ultra-light and ultra-mini-single ear only 5g, Bluetooth version: 5.0
3. Headphones Ipx5 nanometer waterproof, bathing wireless headphones
4. Supporting Up and Down, Volume Addition and Reduction, Shuangmai Call, Siri Voice Assistant
5. Chinese and English, voice prompt can be customized by MOQ1000
6. Support OEM customization
7. Standard accessories: headphones*2, charging bin*1, Chinese and English instructions*1, small and medium earcaps*1 pairs, data line*1