HunterPro™ Mark II High Power LED Flashlight

$39.90 $149.95

The HunterPro™ Mark II Flashlight is a versatile and heavy duty LED flashlight which is perfect for hunting but easy-to-use for general home users.

Not just another bright flashlight with high lumens, the Mark II is a multi-function flashlight with 3 different preset light modes, a telescopic zoom focus feature, and is powered by 2x high power 26650 rechargeable batteries (included).

The high powered, bright light beam offers optimum visibility, making it ideal for home security, mechanics, hunting, a work or home tool kit, survival kit, hiking essentials, travel and fishing.

Super Bright: The authentic inbuilt CREE XHP70.2 LED produces a incredible 9,000 lumens of light

Telescopic Zoom: The fully adjustable beam angle allows you to focus the light on far away objects or close up environments

USB Rechargeable: To recharge, simply plug it into the included wall socket, your laptop, car or other USB devices.

Heavy Duty: Constructed from aero-grade, hard anodised aluminium alloy

IPX-6 Rated: It can withstand heavy rain and light water splashes (however it is not fully water submersible. Due to the power/heat it emits, it requires air gaps to breathe)

Impact Resistant: Officially rated to withstand drops from 2 metres, being driven over by a truck and dropped out of a moving car. This thing is tough.

Battery Capacity Display: Alerts you to how much power you have left, handy when using this torch in scenarios where re-charging isn’t an option.

In The Box:
1x HunterPro™ Mark II Flashlight
2x 26650 Rechargeable Batteries
1x Micro USB to USB 2.0 Charging Cable

Operating time: 80 minutes
Charging time: 4 hours
Mode: 3x Mode
Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
Lens Type: Convex
Emitting Colour: White
Battery Type: 2x 26650 Rechargeable Batteries (included)
Charger: Micro USB
Charger output voltage: 5.0V
flashlight input voltage: 5.0V

The HunterPro flashlight is extremely powerful and is only intended for mature adult use. It can permanently damage eye sight.

It can disrupt planes and helicopters, resulting in large fines and possible imprisonment.

We do not recommend those under 18 years old handling this flashlight without close adult supervision.

Please make sure that the batteries are inserted correctly (positive side facing down, inside the light).

Inserting batteries the wrong way can damage the flashlight due to their high power capacity.