Hot Sale BBQ Grilling Gloves Oven Mitts Gloves for Cooking Baking Barbecue Potholder

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☆ Oven Mitts Gloves are thick and sturdy silicone but still easy to work with on your hands.

☆ Convenient and reusable, great to remove hot dishes from the microwave.

☆ No more fumbling and juggling hot dishes with pot holders and towels.

☆ It's also good to open a firm jar with the gloves, anti-slip.

☆ Open those long time not used bottles with these mitt gloves which can help open the cap very easily.

☆ Dishwasher safe, just toss it into the dishwasher then it comes out as new as when you bought it.

☆ Simple for hand wash, clean with soapy water, then hang it to air dry, that's all.

☆ If you are petite, it's not a problem at all. It works with smaller hands without being cumbersome and works great for giant ones as well.

Please avoid holding a 425°F+ cast iron skillet of HEAVY FOOD IN ONE HAND FOR A LONG TIME.

  • ✤ Top Quality: Our gloves are waterproof and dishwasherable. You can rinse food, oil, marinades, juice right off, simply toss them in the dishwasher or throw them in the sink.
  • ✤ Maximum Protection: Our non-slip five finger exclusive flame design allows you to move hot items safely with a strong grip.This one size fit for most ,but too small or too big hands are not very suitble.
  • ✤ Heat resistant: Can hold up to 446 °F/230℃ for 8-10 seconds, or a long period under 374°F/190℃, perfect for working by the oven and microwave.
  • ✤ EXCLUSIVELY TRADEMARKED - Our trademarked insulated waterproof five-fingered grip gloves are BPA-Free, FDA approved, pure silicone vven gloves for cooking, grilling, potholders, camping, pickling, and much more!
  • ✤ Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee: We are a small business from Houston TX.It's really tough to do business on Amazon, but we are trying our best. If you are not satisfied with our products, you can contact us for a refund or a new replacement as you like. Our Excellent customer service will leave you with no worries after you buy it.