BodyRock Booty Band

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Personal trainers at the gym avoid telling this one thing, just to keep you in their gym. So here’s the truth about getting a toned body:

In addition to doing multi-joint compound movements, you haveto target your muscle groups in isolation movements. With resistance.

Isolation movement involve targeting just one muscle group, for example—just your booty. There are many bodyweight exercises for this, but they will only get you limited results without increased resistance. (More resistance = quicker results!)

After seeing women trying to get a toned body for years without success, we had to figure out how to take this winning formula (resistance + isolation movements) to work.

We tried the regular resistance bands…but they can’t target all your muscles.

Until one day, we discovered the Booty Band.

In a boutique fitness studio in LA, we found an innovative Booty Band design. Our results using it were so incredible, we developed our own improved design. Introducing the BodyRock Booty Band!

Simply attach the adjustable velcro straps to your ankles, and the Booty Band will increase the tension in your isolation movements. And this means one very important thing:

You will start seeing results quicker in your workouts!

Even though they’re called “Booty Bands”, BodyRockers are using them to target every muscle they want to specifically tone & sculpt. It can be your legs, shoulders, chest: anything is possible!

If you’re constantly travelling or a busy mom, the Booty Band is perfect for doing a quick workout anywhere you are, allowing you to burn the fat away from your body with quick and fun workouts.

Workouts not included.